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Hi! I'm Jess, the person behind Xochimilli Sweets.


I'm a self-taught baker with a passion for creative flavor combinations and alluring designs. I love many things about baking, but my favorite is that it’s all about pleasure. We seek out dessert not for nourishment but for joy, comfort or nostalgia. The delight I see on the face of a cake recipient is magical. I love creating works of art that double as delicious treats, and find something beautiful about the art being eaten rather than preserved. I make almost all of my dessert elements from scratch and put a lot of care and attention into each creation.


My other interests include building the perfect music playlist, weekends spent luxuriating in good TV and laughing around the dinner table with friends. I love to enjoy the natural beauty of this world and can often be found admiring flowers while walking around my neighborhood. It is my hope to grow this business in a way that contributes to community-building efforts and brings support to people working for social change.


Xochimilli, pronounced "so-chee-MEE-lee," means “field of flowers” in Nahuatl, the Aztec language. There are well over one million speakers of Nahuatl throughout Mexico today, mostly in rural areas. My business name combines my love of flowers with affection for the Mexican part of my heritage.

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